Campaign Spending Compliance Services
Treasurer Training
I will train your campaign in a simple bookkeeping system so you will have the required information for the campaign spending commission.  If you want to file your campaign spending reports yourself, I will train your campaign in how to use the on line filing system.

Campaign Bookkeeping
I can provide a simple bookkeeping service using information provided by the campaign or PAC. 

Campaign Spending Reports
Let me take the stress out of your campaign spending reports.  I will file your Candidate or Non Candidate Committee report on line using data supplied by your treasurer. I have never missed a filing deadline.

Reviewing Completed Reports
I will review your completed campaign spending report for compliance errors before you file your report with the commission.  (I will also check for spelling and punctuation errors)

Compliance Consulting
I am available as a consultant on an hourly basis for all of your campaign spending questions.  I will walk you through your campaign spending questions. I do not give legal advice, but am happy to give you the benefit of my experience.

Full Service Compliance Administrator
I work with your Treasurer and your executive team to ensure that all expenditures and contributions comply with Hawaii campaign spending law.  I approve all contributions before deposit and review expenditures for compliance.  I provide a comprehensive system for recording contributions & expenses.

Opposition Research
I will pull your opponent's campaign spending record for past years and detail major donors, the types of expenditures made, to whom they were made and if there are any illegal or improper reporting entries.  This information can be helpful to your campaign.

Contact us for a consultation on how your needs can best be met.
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